How to build a colourful capsule wardrobe


The term “capsule wardrobe” – which is fast growing in popularity – brings to mind a closet full of neutrals, in which everything can be seamlessly mixed and matched. In my burgeoning pursuit of minimalism, I am working towards paring down my closet to a well curated collection of flattering, fitted items. A huge closet is stressful and burdensome for anyone, and I dream of having a small selection to choose from in the morning. However, the thought of owning nothing but neutrals bores me to tears – and I know I’m not alone in feeling this way. Many other people have surely been dissuaded from building a capsule wardrobe because they, like me, can’t stand the thought of giving up their purples and plaids. As a result, they end up holding onto an absurdly large amount of items that’ll continue to weigh them down. However, this can be avoided! While it’s a common string of thought that colourful, printed clothing and minimalism don’t mesh, this absolutely isn’t true. With the following tips anyone can dramatically reduce their amount of clothing without having to resort to wearing all black, all the time. 

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Bore that I am, I mentioned R. H. Blyth’s definition of sentimentality: that we are being sentimental when we give to a thing more tenderness than God gives to it.

J.D. Salinger, Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters & Seymour: An Introduction
I am a sentimental person. I live for special moments, anniversaries, tokens of love and appreciation – memories and things that I can continuously look back on with fondness. I used to think that this was a proper way of appreciating my life. That said, I decided to start thinking of my rampant sentimentalism more critically a few months ago, and have slowly realized the dark side of cherishment.

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Background music for changing seasons

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetAutumn is over. If the crispness in the air and the dark afternoons weren’t indication enough, the Christmas decorations that have been popping up all over Dresden make the rapid approach of winter obvious. To lull myself into the new season I’ve put together a little playlist of  songs – in no particular order – that I’ve been listening to as falling leaves begin to be replaced with morning frost.
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I have had the privilege to live in and travel to many places beyond my home country of western Canada. In the past, I’ve always brought back “stuff” from these adventures. Old photographs from a Parisian riverside book stall, a piggy bank from Copenhagen, a bag of fancy coffee beans from a San Francisco roastery, a bierstein from Munich, an old pipe from an antique shop in the Dutch countryside… Not to mention the whole mess of things I accumulated during my year living in England. I ended up hauling all of this back with me to Alberta, adding more stuff to all the stuff I already had at home. Now that I’m abroad again, I’ve made the firm decision to do things differently. Why?

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If you really want to hear about it

The name “A Young Girl in 1941” was pinched from the full title of a littler known short story by my favourite author, J.D. Salinger. Petty literary theft aside, I chose this moniker for my website because I felt it was more or less fitting to what I’d like this space to become. I’m a woman of many hobbies, interests, and pursuits, and I’d like to share it all with you, here, in the hopes of meeting likeminded folk. Simple living, pursuits in minimalism, history, vintage and antiques, DIY, work and travel abroad, books, cooking and baking, and a great number of more things will be discussed and shared here. If any of those float your boat, light your candle, or sooth your soul, by all means, stick around!